Nutritional Info

Summer Features

Cal Fat Sat. Fat Trans. Fat Chol Sod Carb Fib Sug Pro Vit A Vit C Calc Iron
Strawberry Salad (order) 62045110.59523201879352101003520
Extreme Tempura Beans (order) 4203970201010162120026
Patty Melt (sandwich) 11408223123519906369444563040
Cookie Sundae (order) 88035210.46548013339492021515
Tomato Cream Soup, Bowl (order) 460229135196050491540152525
Tomato Cream Soup, Cup (order) 240114.50.515990262482081510
Berserker Burger (burger) 97070210.5130144045394120153035
Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad (order) 75053151125198036910411301405025
Guacamole & Salsa with Chips (order) 1020455001870144143146901535

Nutritional information is computer-generated based on standardized recipes and nutrient data from Red Robin ingredient suppliers and standardized nutrient databases.

* Nutritional values for burgers and sandwiches do not include side French fries. Please see separate information for nutritional values for side French fries. For all other items on this spreadsheet, nutritional values reflect everything that is served.

** Nutritional values for fajitas include all components - plate set-up, tortillas, chicken / steak and veggies.

*** Nutritional values are based on use of creamy Italian salad dressing. Values may changes depending on guest dressing selection.