Nutritional Info

Gourmet Burgers

Cal Fat Sat. Fat Trans. Fat Chol Sod Carb Fib Sug Pro Vit A Vit C Calc Iron
Bleu Ribbon Burger (burger) 103068240.414016505849460.
Guacamole Bacon Burger (burger) 87052190.5135114052510490.10.40.450.4
Whiskey River® BBQ Burger (burger) 103070230.5135154058412430.
Sautéed ’Shroom Burger (burger) 8705320111512104947480.
Banzai Burger® (burger) 91057200.5135185055315430.
Simply Grilled Beef Burger (burger) 61024100.48510804537360.
Royal Red Robin Burger® (burger) 10507224134019104737540.
Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger (burger) 79045180.5125153053313420.150.060.350.35
Bacon Cheeseburger (burger) 90061220.514513104336450.
Five Alarm Burger (burger) 88057220.513520004547460.
Stampede Burger (burger) 99068220.513514805247430.150.10.350.35
Mediterranean Lamb Burger (burger) 71036140.210016705637400.
Prime Chophouse Burger (burger) 96060200.51151160614104410202545
Black and Blue (burger) (burger) 101358223178447261713570000
The D.G.B. (burger) (burger) 10927214214637055147480000
Smoke and Pepper (burger) (burger) 102951202188373874330610000

Nutritional information is computer-generated based on standardized recipes and nutrient data from Red Robin ingredient suppliers and standardized nutrient databases.

* Nutritional values for burgers and sandwiches do not include side French fries. Please see separate information for nutritional values for side French fries. For all other items on this spreadsheet, nutritional values reflect everything that is served.

** Nutritional values for fajitas include all components - plate set-up, tortillas, chicken / steak and veggies.

*** Nutritional values are based on use of creamy Italian salad dressing. Values may changes depending on guest dressing selection.